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Book your appointment now by calling: 941 - 487 - 0266

What patient's are saying:

Dear Dr. Johnson, I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to you for your incredibly professional assistance with my recent back problems. From the nutritional guidance, to the modalities utilized to relieve my debilitating back pain I am very appreciative. When I first came to you the nerve pain in my back and leg was excruciating due to my age related degenerative issues. With just a few treatment sessions my day to day life was manageable again. Now with a simple maintenance schedule I feel confident that I can keep my condition under control. Thanks again! - Tom S.

Dr. Johnson is so friendly and knowledgeable. He really helped by relieving me of neck and back pain. His spa-like office is wonderful! You don't even realize you are at a doctor's office with the peaceful music, tranquil fountain, and lovely scent of eucalyptus. I highly recommend Dr. Johnson. His holistic approach to making your whole body in top working order is beneficial to everyone, no matter if you are in pain or just looking for preventative "maintenance". - Kelly B.

Dr. Johnson is amazing! I recommend all my clients and everyone else to please if you are having any issues stop my make an appointment today. – Drew A.

Dr. Johnson is hands down the most gifted, and caring chiropractic Doctor Sarasota has. I thought I was in serious trouble and even considered the possibility of disc surgery. Dr. Johnson took the time to listen to me and opted to take a less aggressive approach and I am sure glad he did! Thanks Dr. Johnson, you are great! – Frankie T.

For 20 years I have seen chiropractors on a regular basis, but not traditional chiropractors; only those who use the adjustor technique, or, like Dr. Johnson, who use a similar device, the impulse adjustor. (Although Dr. Johnson also employs more traditional techniques.) Dr. Johnson’s knowledge, interest, and enthusiasm, has exceeded my prior experiences, including several I saw in Princeton, NJ area, before moving to Sarasota. I've also used Dr. Johnson new cold laser therapy. I saw Dr. Johnson several times early Saturday morning, before realizing he had opened his office on the week-end just for me! - Michael B., Sarasota, FL